'Action is thy duty'.  Life is made for action, to keep promises. Action to redeem the debt we owe to ourselves, to our parents, to the society and to the Nation at large. Life is not a dream it is as real as anything else, more meaningful than anything else.

It is meaningful when lived effectively and efficiently for ourselves and for the others. If one descends this truth deep in to one's heart and soul, and act upon it, one will be able to realize oneself.

The aim of education is to harness the students' latent potential and channelize their queries towards cultivation and sharpening of multiple dimensions of human competencies.

In full compliance with this noble cause - DPS Jagdalpur has chosen to impart its students the holistic education which is an art of cultivating the physical, intellectual, emotional, artistic, moral and spiritual dimensions of a developing human being. This school is committed to provide an environment that ensures an all-round development and motivates students to achieve excellence in their chosen fields be it academics or co-curricular pursuits.

Time and Tide wait for none; we at DPS Jagdalpur look back with pride on the achievements of students at DPS Jagdalpur. We sent our students for different competitive exam and programs. We are proud to share that our students have brought laurels to the school by putting up excellent results, be it at International, National or State Level. We ensure that every student who leaves its portal is a holistic personality equipped to face the challenges that the world has to offer and become a truly global citizen. We hope we will have a better and brighter future ahead in the years to come.

Life is the succession of seconds and minutes, to live each one is to succeed

Mrs. Manisha Singh


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Mrs. Manisha Singh

M.Sc. (Mathematics),

 M.Phil. (Computer Sc.), B.Ed.



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