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Delhi Public School, Jagdalpur is proud to have a sophisticated Physics Lab with the latest state of the art facilities that equip the students to have hands on experience. The flat-topped tables used as students’ workstations allow multiple arrangements and combinations for laboratory work and small group activities. The equipment ranges from the commonly found lens, magnet, beam balance, spring balance and glass prism to the advanced apparatus like voltmeter, ammeter and resistors and spectrometer to name a few.  Furthermore, the spacious physics lab is designed in a way to accommodate students comfortably and snugly.

Physics Lab

As computer education is an essential part of modern education, it has become the priority of the school to make student and teachers computer savvy. The school has a sophisticated computer lab with 45 computers, Special course like animations, graphic designing etc. apart from regular courses are conducted. Teachers are given special training in MS Office to bring better efficiency.

Computer Lab

Chemistry Laboratory is used for scientific Experiments, Research, Testing and Preparation, on a small scale of organic and inorganic products. Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis, Detection of Functional Group, Thermo chemistry related experiments performed which help the student to develop scientific skills and other manipulative skills.

Equipment & Supplies: Our Chemistry Lab is equipped with Bunsen Burner, Calorimeter, Beam Balance, Digital Balance, Laboratory glassware, such as Beaker, Reagent Bottle, Volumetric Flask, Conical Flask, Burette,  Ph- paper, Litmus Paper etc.

Chemistry Lab

Geography lab plays a pivotal role in enriching geographical base of a student. Learning of geography involves a lot of practical knowledge and the lab equipped with modern geographical apparatus, maps and models provide ample opportunity for the students to observe and learn concepts and facts easily.

Geography Lab

Observations and experiments make learning more interesting and fun. Delhi Public School has a well-equipped   biology laboratory with preserved specimens, slides, models, charts which emphasize on developing scientific temper among the students. Through experiments, students are able to gain firsthand knowledge and appreciate various concepts of Biology.

Biology Lab

The mathematics laboratory is a place where anybody can experiment and explore patterns and ideas. It is a place where one can find a collection of games, puzzles, and other teaching and learning material like 2-D and 3-D Geometrical Shapes, Cubes, etc. The materials are meant to be used both by the students on their own and with their teacher to explore the world of mathematics, to discover, to learn and to develop an interest in mathematics. The activities create interest among students or in anybody who wants to explore, and test some of their ideas, beliefs about mathematics, that meets the need of modern education and acts as complete teaching aids.

Mathematics Lab

SCHOOL LIBRARY - "A KNOWLEDGE HUB":  Today education is no longer a system of 'cramming and filling students minds with information but rather it is a process f self discovery encouraging them to learn on their own. In this context school libraries have come to play a significant role in the present-day educational system. They are an integral part of the modern school set-up.

Our school has an excellent and well set-up library. It consists of a large hall filled with shelves, book stands and furniture. The room is airy and spacious. Our school library is well equipped with a total of 7000 books: which includes: journals, Periodicals, Magazines, Novels, Story Books, Autobiographies, Fictions, Detective Story Books, Epics and Inspiring Thought Books.


Through Karate our school aim is to bring the benefits of the karate training to as many children as possible, helping them to build their self confidence and emotional skills so they have the chance to reach their full potential in everything they do.


To impart Computer Aided Teaching (CAT), we have a separate classroom equipped with a Computer, LCD projector, a White-screen and complete audio system. It is a digital classroom. It is a classroom with a projector to facilitate excellence in teaching. A projector with a computer improves the standard of teaching.  The sole purpose of Resource Centre is to: 1) Facilitate effective computer aided teaching.  2) Enrich the knowledge of young minds by Audio and Visual aids. 3) Familiarize teachers with modern teaching aids. 4) Keep the teachers abreast of the latest techniques and methodologies being developed internationally in the field of education. 5) Display larger, clearer, more legible material which makes learning easier and more exciting.  6) Facilitate excellence in teaching by showing diagrams, circuits and derivations to the students.  7) Use the computer with a projector as a learning tool that revolutionizes the classroom teaching.

Resource Room

The school canteen is a great place to promote an enjoyment of healthy eating. For students who use the canteen regularly, the food purchased makes a significant contribution to their total food intake and nutrition; therefore it make sense to ensure the best food possible is available to enhance their ability to learn and take in the information presented to them in class.

For students who don't use the canteen regularly, the canteen still plays an important educational and modeling role for healthy eating habits.

School Canteen

Play is the key to physical, mental, intellectual and social development of children. DPS Jagdalpur lays a lot of emphasis on the health and physical education (HPE) of its students. The school premises possess a vast playground that reinforces to ameliorate the ardour of outdoor activities like cricket, football, Kho-Kho, Kabaddi, badminton and such other sports for the students to prosper.

DPS Jagdalpur understands the importance of HPE for a growing child, hence giving enormous opportunities to play joyfully.

School Playground

Several cultural activities are involved in the curriculum as DPS Jagdalpur aims at the overall development of its students to thrive in their interest outside books. Children are offered education as well as opportunities in terms of Inter-house, Inter-school and Inter-DPS competitions all the year round substantially. Music is an extremely important subject for all children to learn and can lead to better brain development, increases in human connection, and even stress relief. We are committed to groom the frolic side of a child thereby boosting his/her confidence and morale. We believe in the fact that dance is an important aspect of education. A little caper can bring about joy and stability in a child's evolving mind. The school gives vast exposure to its pupils' comprehensive development by just a little hopping and bobbing. Diverse dance forms like Indian folks, classical, western dancing are entrenched into the curriculum.

Music & Dance

Skills in drawing, painting and sketching are imparted to the students. Art work for 'backdrops' and 'panels' for the stage along with 'Thematic Art Work' for display boards for the whole school are created here. Several thousands of entries of students' art work are sent all over India for various Art Competitions.

Primary Wing students learn Collage-Art, Sketching and Painting along with skills of origami, painting on pots, decorating candles, card making etc.

Art & Craft

As school is the second home of every child, we at DPS Jagdalpur understand our duty towards the safety of a child's physical and mental health. We possess an infirmary with a trained nursing staff round the clock. The infirmary is medically equipped with all conventional aids.


Safe and comfortable commute for students is a must and to ensure that we will operate our own fleet of school buses. All the drivers are trained and supervised by teachers who are well-versed in safety norms. All our buses are equipped with first aid equipment and the supervisory care-takers who are well-versed in its application. In addition to this the buses are equipped the GPS facility which allows to parents to track their ward's bus while it's moving on the road.

School Transport

The Boarding houses provide a comfortable home away from home. Here the student can unwind or study about latest trends. The emphasis is here on collective enjoyment. It has all facilities that help the children to live and grow in an environment that they can identify as their home. Here are air-conditioned rooms for Boys. Each Room is shared by 6 Students. A dedicated and trained team of cooks, supporting staff and Assistant Wardens make sure that hygienic food with variety is provided to all at proper timings. We provide vegetarian items as per menu decided by Hostel Committee consisting of Hostel Wardens and Students representatives.

School Hostel


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